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Noise control gabions
You can sleep easy with our noise-protection systems.
Noise control gabions

Gabions that are only filled with stones do not provide effective noise protection. To fulfil the noise protection specifications in the relevant standards, it is necessary to install a noise-protection core in the stone basket.
The noise protection core is surrounded by stones and is positioned in the basket so that it cannot be seen. It can be made of various materials. SCHERF performs intensive research in the area of noise-protection with gabions. In recent years we have developed and realised a number of high-quality solutions. Our references include the Austrian highway construction company ASFINAG and the Office of Styrian Government.

Prefabricated gabion with noise-protection core

- No deep foundation required
- Fast construction
- Project-related wall depth – dependent on wall height, wind load and project size

Can also be used as a column for noise-protection elements made out of other materials (wood concrete, wood, glass, aluminium). The wind loads are absorbed by the stone basket. Compared to other column solutions, no expensive deep foundation is necessary here.

Self-build gabion with noise insulation kit

- Noise insulation wall with top price-performance
- Available at wall depths of 30 cm and 50 cm
- No deep foundation necessary
- Simple construction
- Perfect for DYI enthusiasts

Noise protection cassette for insertion into HEA steel columns

- Narrow construction – very small footprint (depth 18.5 cm or 25 cm)
- Wall depth 18.5 cm: Mesh size 5x20 cm, One side natural stone filling, Back side,
   e.g. wood decor
- Wall depth 25 cm: Mesh size 2.5x20 cm, Both sides natural stone filling
- Steel columns must have a deep foundation.
- Prefabricated elements produced in the factory
- Construction similar to familiar noise-protection systems made of wood, aluminium
   or wood concrete
- Combinations possible with elements of the specified materials

Prefabricated gabion with noise-protection core
DIY gabion with noise-protection core
Noise-protection cassette for insertion into HEA steel columns
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